About me

  • I am a computer science engineer graduated from EPITA (Master degree).
  • I am a full-stack data engineer, I can build data pipelines with Hadoop, create Machine learning algorithms, administrate your systems with Docker, create visualisations using React & D3...
  • I like feeling useful in this crazy century, like building applications to help physicians decide how to save patients in ICU
  • I am a jack-of-all-trades, everything can be of interest, but more particularly nature, and neuro-psycho-brain stuff

Current position

  • I am currently working at AP-HP and MIT LCP on:
    • Analyzing cardiac function of patients in order to predict mortality.
    • Use state of the art machine learning algorithms to improve prediction rates on MIT MIMIC-III data.
    • Integrate it to AP-HP's platform and test it on real patients.
    • Create a Data science platform based on Jupyter and the Hadoop stack for AP-HP employees to work on their research subjects
    • Organize a medical hackathon: DAT-ICU 2018


  • INVASIS - INtelligent Video AnalySIS system
    • Multi-camera person tracker with re-identification using persons' heads.
    • Java, Python, OpenCV, Tensorflow, Lasagne, CUDA, Protobuf, Docker...
  • Alumni EPITA
    • Intranet with statistics and information about alumni students of my school.
    • Django, web scrolling, Algolia search, geo positions, charts...
  • NG-Notifier - NewsGroup Notifier
    • A webapp providing a notifying system for NNTP news servers.
    • Two friends worked on Android and iOS apps.
    • Django Rest API, push notifications, Post news...
  • EpiPortal
    • A platform containing scans and pdfs for my school. +250Go bandwidth/month. Thousands of users.
  • MP2P - Share files at your maximum available bandwidth
    • An open-source redundant storage system based on a custom protocol to download/upload files from/to multiple servers simultaneously.
    • C++14, boost::asio, Couchbase, Catch...
  • 3DRPP - 3D Raspberry Pi Printer
    • A 3D printer designed and built from scratch with 4 other students from EPITA & ESTACA.
    • Raspberry pi, Python, electronics, automatic control...